Click On Leave - FAQ
What is Click On Leave?
Click On Leave is a powerful, easy-to-use web-based application for booking, recording and monitoring all types of leave and absence.

Developed by Systems Valley, it allows employees to plan, request and obtain approval for any type of leave using a fast, automated online system. It also enables managers to authorise or decline leave requests at the click of a button, and keep accurate, up-to-date records of all types of leave and absence, including holidays, training days and sick days.
What are the benefits of using Click On Leave?
Click On Leave saves you time and money by substantially reducing the amount of time employees, managers and HR departments need spend on holiday and absence administration, and eliminating the costly administrative errors that are typically associated with manual or spreadsheet-based holiday booking systems.

By eliminating time-consuming holiday paperwork, Click On Leave frees up employees and managers to focus on more productive tasks. It also allows managers to see at a glance who is going to be in or out of the office on any working day, so they can make informed decisions before granting or rejecting leave requests. And it contains powerful tools for tackling the costly problem of staff absenteeism.
Does Click On Leave calculate The Bradford Factor?
Yes. Click On Leave contains an in-built Bradford Factor tool that automatically calculates the ongoing Bradford Score for every employee in your organisation for you, even intuitively taking into account non-working days such as weekends and holidays.
Why do we need an automated holiday-booking system?
Companies who use a paper-based system for booking and approving annual leave typically experience a similar set of problems and issues. Holiday paperwork tends to get routinely lost or is incorrectly filed, meaning that staff holidays aren’t properly recorded and differences of opinion arise over holiday booked and holiday owing between staff and managers.

The amount off annual leave an employee still has left to take in a calendar year is also often incorrectly calculated, leading to employees taking more time off than they were supposed to.

Paper-based systems also make it difficult for managers to get a clear picture of who in the company is about to take time off and when. As a result, they can leave business-critical functions under-staffed by allowing key personnel to book leave at the same time.

Unprocessed holiday applications can also build up during popular holiday periods, with leave requests remaining unprocessed even after employees’ have returned to work; making it impossible to keep track of how many days’ holiday employees have taken.

Implementing an automated, web-based leave management system, such as Click On Leave, in your organisation eradicates all of these costly problems and issues.
Does Click On Leave keep track of annual leave entitlements?
Yes. Using Click On Leave, every employee in your organisation can see exactly how many days’ leave they have taken in the current calendar year and how many days they are still entitled to take, for any type of leave.

Managers can also view accurate, up-to-date summaries that show at-a-glance how many days’ holiday each member of their department or team has taken, how many days they have remaining and how many sick days they have taken in the calendar year.
How does Click On Leave help me reduce absenteeism?
By creating a permanent, indisputable record of sick leave for every employee in your organisation, and automatically-calculating your employees’ ongoing Bradford Factor scores, Click On Leave deters absenteeism and allows you to easily identify, and take action against, members of staff whose absences are costing your business.
Will I be able to see all my leave requests for the year?
Yes. Click On Leave includes a Leave Status feature that displays a list of all your leave requests for the current year.

You will be able to see the start and end date of each leave request, as well as the number of days you have asked to take off for each period of leave and the type of leave requested.

For each leave request, you will also be able to see whether the leave has been approved or rejected, or is still pending authorisation from your line manager.
Will I get a high return on investment?
Click On Leave can pay for itself in weeks and give you an outstanding return on your investment, as it automates and accelerates your entire holiday booking and absence management process, substantially reduces the amount of time your staff, managers and HR department need to spend on leave requests, and helps you reduce absenteeism.

We’ve calculated that, by using Click On Leave, a company with 200 employees can reduce its leave processing costs by as much as 96%, and can reduce its overall leave and absence costs by almost 50%.

Call us on +(607)-332 3766 / +(603)-6250 8600 and we’ll give you an estimate of the return on investment your organisation will enjoy using Click On Leave.
Do you provide user training?
Click On Leave is very easy to use, so it requires minimal user training. However, full training can be provided if required.
How do I book leave using Click On Leave?
It could not be quicker or easier to book any type of leave using Click On Leave : from annual leave to training days to days taken in lieu.

To request leave, you just go to the Apply for Leave page in Click On Leave, select the type of leave you wish to take from a drop down menu and choose a start and end date for your leave using a pop up calendar. Click On Leave then takes care of the rest: automatically populating a request form with details of when you wish to begin and end your leave and the number of days you wish to take off.

All you need to do is to hit Submit and your leave request is sent to your line manager, who can approve or reject it at the click of a button. You are automatically notified of your line manager’s decision and, if your leave has been approved, details of your leave is automatically added to your company’s leave calendar, enabling everyone in your organisation to see when you are going to be away.
What types of leave can I book?
You can book any type of leave using Click On Leave, as long it is offered by your organisation. This could include annual leave, sick leave, training leave and unpaid leave.

A drop down menu on Click On Leave Apply for Leave page shows you the different types of leave offered by your organisation.
Can I book half a day’s leave?
Yes. Click On Leave automated leave request form includes a Half Day option.
What if my line manager is away?
If your line manager is away, or is otherwise unavailable, you can quickly and easily arrange for your leave requests to be routed to an alternative member of staff who has the authority to approve holidays and time off.
What if I need to cancel leave?
If, for any reason, you need to cancel a period of authorised leave, it takes no more than a few clicks of the mouse.You simply open the Leave Status page within Click On Leave to display a list of your current leave requests for the year, find the period of leave you wish to cancel and click on Cancel. One more click confirms that you wish to cancel the leave, and your line manager is then notified of the cancellation and the leave is removed from your company’s leave calendar.
Will I be able to see when other members of staff or colleagues have booked leave?
Yes. Click On Leave includes a shared leave calendar that shows you at-a-glance who has booked leave in your organisation, what type of leave they have booked, and when they are going to be away.

You can either get an instant overview of who is going to be away, and when, in your organisation by viewing an Outlook-style calendar that displays all booked leaves and the leave types for any specific month, or day, of the year.

Or you can view a colour-coded chart that shows you, on a month-by-month basis, when specific team members or work colleagues have booked leave during the year.
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