Click On Leave is an online leave management system that simplifies the process flows of planning, applying and approving of leave. Handling all types of leaves, it empowers your employee and department heads to self-manage leave application and approval flow anytime, anywhere, whether in the headquarters or its group of companies/subsidiaries all over the world.

Now, you can save time without messy forms, improve employees' satisfaction, and reduce administrative cost. Below is our default feature, we will help our client to customize their leave management system to meet to their requirement.
Employee Features
Login password security. View leave entitlement. Apply leave.
Change password. View leave approver. Cancel leave.
View other staffs on leave for the day. View company declared public holiday. View leave transaction history.
Supervisor Features
Same as employee features with additional right:
Approve or reject sub-ordinate leave application. Print sub-ordinate leave taken report.
View leave approve/ reject transaction history. Print sub-ordinate leave approved/ rejected/ pending report.
Administrator Features
Setup company profile, system period, public holiday and company rest days.
Setup employee and supervisor access control.
Setup table-of-codes such as department, occupation, nationality, religion and race codes.
Setup leave type (eg. Annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, exam leave and etc.).
Setup leave entitlement groups.
Setup employee records and configure how each employee can access online leave management system, leave approval flow, and leave entitlement computation.
Modify employee leave records and adjustment records.
Batch entry feature to enter company compulsory or “forced” leave.
Process leave entitlement to generate employee latest leave entitlement and balances.
Print report on leave entitlement, taken and rejected.
Apply leave on behalf ( Medical leave / Urgent Leave )
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